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Our Agent Program offers generous earnings, with a long-tailed commission structure. Our customers are satisfied. Satisfied customers = full earn outs, follow on sales, and reputation to strengthen your relationships for now and in the future.

photodune-212318-agent1“I work as an IT professional and always have customers that need or are reviewing Telecom or Cloud services. I don’t have time to sell these services and my boss could care less. ICCS’s program is unbelievable. I get them engaged, they work the sale and I get revenue. My monthly check is already $3,200 a month. Never made me look bad and money in the bank.” – Joey Slevski, Tech Support


“I am a financial consultant and we help companies streamline operational costs. We never realized we could make extra money on the side by referring our client’s communication needs to someone. ICCS started working with us a couple years ago and it’s been great. They are professional, help my customers, and pay us really well for getting them involved. I would recommend ICCS’s referral program for anyone that wants easy revenue.” – Hank Bailor, CBI, Option Business


”Thank you ICCS for introducing this exciting program. You continue to impress me with your focus on my success.” -Eric Torres



To find out more about becoming an authorized ICCS Agent, complete the Agent SIGNUP FORM and you will be contacted within 24 hours.